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Dr. Terry Kriedman

Dr. Terry Kriedman is registered with the state of Massachusetts to provide medical certification to Massachusetts residents for medical marijuana.

Medical Cannabis Card

There are multiple diagnoses that would qualify a patient for a medical cannabis card.

The card allows patients to purchase marijuana at a medical dispensary - assuring it has been inspected and packaged under strict rules.

Patient Visit

Dr. Kriedman spends an hour with each new patient, carefully going over the patient's medical history, concerns, and questions. She then makes recommendations, depending on a patient's needs and comfort level, to take to the dispensary.

The medical cannabis community believes that cannabis used to treat or alleviate symptoms should be considered medication, and should be helpful to the patient. Dr. Kriedman believes that patient feedback is important to the treatment plan, and encourages a followup appointment - and is available throughout the year to help with questions.

Contact Information

Call for information about process and fees or to schedule an appointment: (508) 696-9946

Office Location

Indian Hill Medical Center
20 Indian Hill Road
West Tisbury, MA 02575
(please note that our mailing adress is P.O. Box 1380, West Tisbury, MA 02575)